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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Star Soldier R - WiiWare

Does it look familiar? If you have played Radien X before, you should realize that Star Soldier R looks very similar to it. It is a typical top-down shooting video game. If you have played Radien X before, you may also find Star Solider R addictive as well. The difference is that it is a WiiWare. Animation effect in Star Solider R is much better than that in Radien X. To download it, you need to spend 800 Wii points (i.e. $8) from the Wii Channel.

You should be able to finish the game in just five minutes. It only contains two levels. Thus, it is a mini video game. Sounds like it doesn’t have much to offer. However, you will get addicted to its flawless smooth motion and its well designed gameplay. Besides fighting against the flying enemies, there are so many objects in the game for you to explore. In the background, there are many key things for you to attack and collect. When your ship is fully equipped, you'll be able to use lasers to shoot out of six orifices and controlling an armada of five energy balls to protect your from any attacks. I believe you have completed Radien X for a long time. So it is time for you to get on to your fighting ship again with this WiiWare game.

Watch Trailer Here

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