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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mario Sonic Olympic Games - Wii

For those sports and Olympics fans, you should not miss this video game, Mario Sonic Olympic Games! Personally, I have found its graphics awesome! Its color contrast is so eye catching. Background and shadow are quite details. Look at the photos here, you can tell how beautiful they look like.

You can have more than 10 popular Nintendo’s characters to choose from. However, personally, I prefer not using cartoon figures for sports because the design doesn’t consider the figures to represent a country for the game. What a pity of not able to represent your country for participating in the Olympic Games!

There are many sports events you can choose from. Only the track and fields section already contains more than 5 events such as 100m, 400m, long jump and etc. So you have many to choose from. Along with track and fields event, you can also have swimming, ping pong, and some other sport events as well.

In terms of control, you simply move your motion control up and down rapidly for some of the actions. You also need to click your buttons for some other events too. So it is not too challenging, and be careful not to move too rapidly up and down to hurt yourself! If you are not looking for hardcore game style, Mario Sonic Olympic Games is loaded with many different sport events, and very suitable for casual gamers.

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