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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii

Have you upgraded your equipment? Can you notice the amazing animated backgrounds? You should be able to see its awesome 3D effects. You must notice that its graphic effects are way better than the previous version. When you start, you will need to set up the fighting stage by selecting a small, medium or large stage size, a background image, and a music track. Then you select chunks of terrain/platforms/ladders then paste them into the stage, plus you have the ability to rotate, flip and resize these things to whatever you like.

Using the ‘special brawl’ option you can go in and tweak the various rules of combat like stamina, size, gravity, speed, and camera type. You can also make it so that every character starts with a particular weapon in their hand or an ability enhancing power-up strapped to their head. Even the slightest tweaks can effect the strategy and tactics of a match and in turn make the amazing multiplayer experience even better.

Another good thing about this video game is that it supports a variety of controller types including GameCube controllers, Classic controllers, and Wii-motes. Using a Wii-mote is surprisingly intuitive; turning it on its side you use the D-pad to move, A to taunt, Z to shield, button One is special moves, Two button is normal attacks, and both together delivers a smash move.

So with its great graphic effects, playing mode, and support various controllers. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is definitely a MUST have video game. If you miss this one, you will regret. So get a copy and smash with your family and friends.

Watch Trailer Here

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