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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fifa 08 - Online Mode Wii

Online multiplayer mode is also available in the Wii version. You need to register before being able to play this mode. Once registered, you can find a random game from the online lobbies. The number of people in the lobbies are scattered among the available games. You should be able to find a game easily even though the total number of people playing the games is over hundreds. You can also add people to your buddy list and check if they're online. You can also send quick messages to them using the onscreen keyboard.

The interactive online leagues allow you to choose a team and play real-life fixtures as they happen through the season. This mode is very cool. You can choose your favorite, and the results across all platforms feed into a central scoring system, and the results are decided based on points from all games.

Animation effects of this video game are quite impressive. The stadiums also look very awesome as well. However, some camera angles give little detail. The Wii version shares most of its music tracks with other platforms. The soundtracks are very high-quality recorded by professional artists. The only downside is the repetitive comments from the commentary. So overall FIFA 08 is a video game that you should keep a copy.

Watch Trailer Here

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