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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mario Kart - Wii

Mario Kart one of the famous Nintendo video games is available as a Wii version now. Similar to its previous version, the Wii version is a pick-up-and-play racer drenched in the Mushroom Kingdom. You can race against different popular Nintendo characters or engage them in kart battle with turtle shells and bananas. So this version is still full of fun.

In this video games, you can choose from karts with different weight to suit your chosen characters. The speed of the kart also varies from 50cc up to 150cc. So pick the right one for your character is one of the keys to win in this game. The most exciting of this title is that you can play the game with the Wii wheel. This enhances your control feeling while driving your kart in the 32 available tracks.

Ghost racing is one of the new features in the single player mode that should be mentioned. If you can beat the ghosts in the race, you will be uploaded to its online ranking system. So prepare yourself and go beat them and get the 1st rank in the list! Its multiplayer and battle mode is even more interesting to play with. In the Wii version, you can construct your own GP-like tournaments with as many races as you want, and use Mii. However, it doesn’t provide a way for you to remove those nasty blue shells, and you don’t have battle maps to help you. One of the problems with the online mode is the kart’s speed. They just like running at 50cc which is a bit too slow. Other than that, the online mode is quite interesting, and connecting to the server is so easy in Mario Kart.

In comparing it with its previous versions in other platforms, Mario Kart Wii is not the best Mario Kart series, but with its new control device and great online features it's a must have title in your library. Many have rated this title in their top 10 list as well.

Watch Trailer Here

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