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Monday, June 16, 2008

Fifa 08 - Wii

Comparing to other platforms, Wii FIFA 08 has a very unique way of game play mode. In this platform, you make shots and tackles by swiping the Wii mote in different directions. You move players by using the control stick, make a pass with button A and B. However, it is not easily to use the Wii mote for precise crossing and passing. When you want to do some more subtle motions like shooting, crossing, and slide tackling, you swipe the Wii mote. To make it easier for you, a quick upward motion will produce a normal shot, and move downward to create a more controlled finesse shot. The speed of these movements will determine the power of the shot, and you can also change the direction of a cross or a free kick by tilting the Wii mote as it's in the air. You can also simulate a throw-in by putting both controllers behind your head and mimicking the throw, but watch out the cable when doing this action. Although from feature-wise perspective, Wii version is not as good as the Xbox and PS3 version, its new game play mode has injects new experience for you to play soccer video games.

Now if you are not getting used to these motion controls, you can switch to the new family play option. With this option, the artificial intelligence will help you to control player movements. So you can focus on swiping the Wii mote on the right moment for shooting and tackling. This option makes your life much easier.

This video game also provides the challenge mode which replicates a number of real-life scenarios. With this mode you need to complete certain match criteria from historic games. Many decent real-life scenarios are available for you to challenge yourself. Completing these challenging games will also allow you to equip your team from the FIFA 08 store on alternative kits, game balls, and stadiums. Thus, this mode is something that you shouldn’t miss.

Watch Trailer Here

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