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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lego Indiana Jones - Wii

Lego Indiana Jones is produced by LucasArts. It is one of the Wii titles that will be released in June 2008. The Indiana Jones movie will be ready almost the same time. So it may enhance your interest to watch the movie after playing the game beforehand. This title should be very suitable for the whole family to play with. The game follows the three original Indy movies, and many details of these movies are covered by this video game. Similar to Lego Star Wars, co-op is a big part of this game. You will progress through different levels with 2 or even 3 different characters, working together to solve puzzles. The AI will control other characters if you are playing by yourself. Over 60 characters are available in this game.

You can pick up swords, shovels and other objects to swing and toss at your enemies. However, these items will break after a few uses. Thus, you need to find these items continuously throughout the game. You also need these items to solve puzzles, and some of these puzzles are quite tricky. These puzzles make the game very interesting to play with.

To control the characters, you use your Wiimote. You can swing your whip by whipping the Wii remote; dig holes with a shovel by simulating digging actions, or punch your enemies by shaking the controllers. You can also perform these actions by pressing the buttons. So if you get tired, you have an alternative to control your characters. Does it sound interesting enough to you? Go ahead to get a copy for yourself and have a try. You won’t regret.

Watch Trailer Here

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