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Thursday, June 12, 2008

We Ski - Wii

We Ski is another Wii video game that allow you to make use of your balance board. However, the core game does not support the balance board that well. Most people are looking forward to use a balance broad for this kind of game, but it end up does not really support this device well is quite disappointing.

Controlling your characters is simple too. By tilting your Wiimote and pressing the buttons to control the movements of your characters. However, to speed up your characters, you need to continue pumping both hands towards and back from your body to simulate the actions of using the poles. The problem is that it doesn’t run smoothly in the game. It may be fun in the beginning, but you will get tired very soon by repeating these postures throughout the game for gaining speed for your characters.

With Mii integration, you create your own character in this video games. Once you have picked your character,
you can then select the slopes that you want. However, the slopes provided in this video game are not very long. It only takes a few minutes for you to reach the base. Thus, in general this is a nice to try video game, but not a very outstanding one.

Watch Trailer Here

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