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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mario Party 8 - Wii

Mario Party is a good choice if you want to get a group of people to have fun together. You can have up to four people to play concurrently. You guys will play some interesting virtual board games to win some stars or treasure items. You can get items such as double or triple dice rolls, coin sucking vampire transformations, and coin draining electro zaps to enhance your performance in the game. Throughout the game you will collect Carnival Cards as currency to unlock other items.

In the Wii version, you will start in a carnival. Five game modes are available for you to play with. All of the major modes in previous versions are available, and two new modes, the Extras Zone and a Star Battle Arena, are added in the Wii version as well. The Extras Zone allows you to play some mini-games such as Wii Bowling or Ping Pong. In the Star Battle Arena, you need to compete against computer-controlled opponents to become the champion.

The mini-games provided in this video game are very fun to play with. Basically, you use your Wiimote in three different ways for controlling the game. You can use your Wiimote to swing as a bat, or use it as a hammer or lasso. You can also use the Wiimote as a steering wheel as well. Of course, if this game is compatible with the Wii wheel, it would be much better. Another way of using the Wiimote is to use it as a normal game controller by pushing the buttons. Watch Trailer Here

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TheHOchieS said...

Thanks for the comment. The game's fun times.

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